Best Design Concepts For Small Kitchens

Here are some great kitchen concepts you can try to maximise the limited space in a smaller kitchen.

Not all kitchens are made equal. Thinking of kitchen concepts for smaller spaces can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

With the help of a professional kitchen renovation team, you can implement these ideas in your small kitchen to maximise the space. These design concepts bring style and function together.

Install Drawers Instead of Kitchen Cabinets

Consider replacing your kitchen cabinets with drawers instead. You can also choose to install pull-outs inside your cupboards. Drawers instead of cabinets are ideal as they allow more storage space.

You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of space is put to waste when you store items inside a kitchen cabinet.

You can make the most out of every nook and cranny with a pull-out or drawer in your kitchen. Plus, a drawer ensures that all items in your kitchen have a designated place. Drawers are also more accessible in comparison to kitchen cabinets.

Utilise Open Shelving

When brainstorming kitchen concepts, consider what design will add more space to your small kitchen. An effective way to open up your kitchen is by installing open shelving.

Aside from being a budget-friendly option, open shelving creates an airier appearance. Open floating shelves are the best spot to showcase your prized tableware while keeping them in one place. Closed cabinets make your already small kitchen look tight and cramped, whereas open shelving creates an illusion of additional space.

Add Reflective or Shiny Materials

When you think of shiny things in the kitchen, items like a refrigerator and oven range come to mind. While your appliances have that shine to them, the best way to give an illusion of space for your kitchen concepts is by adding glass and mirrors.

For example, you can have sliding glass doors for your kitchen entrance to make it seem expansive. You can also opt for metallic cabinetry and glossy and reflective tiles to create a bigger-feeling space.

Stick to A Single Palette

Too many clashing colours in your kitchen will make it look smaller than it is. When planning kitchen concepts, following a single palette or using similar colours is ideal for a cohesive and spacious look. The most viable option is to have a backdrop in a neutral colour and choose 2-3 base colours you’d like to see throughout your kitchen.

Make Your Own Smart Kitchen

Less is always more. This statement applies to your kitchen concepts as well. Creating your Smart kitchen means choosing multi-purpose appliances that don’t compromise quality and function. Kitchen appliances can instantly take up a bulky chunk of space in your small kitchen.

That’s why it’s best to know your kitchen’s size and layout beforehand. This way, you can drop by a kitchen appliance showroom and pick the most suitable appliances for your kitchen without taking up excessive space. If achievable, choose built-in appliances to maximise available counter space.

When brainstorming your kitchen design, feel free to share your ideas with your designer. While there’s no guarantee they can implement all your kitchen concepts, you can at least have a kitchen you’re happy to use daily.