Asking Your Granite Suppliers in Denver the Right Questions

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From the first moment you enter a showroom, granite suppliers in Denver are at your disposal with material recommendations and good assembly practices, depending on the requirements of your project. Things are pretty similar, in terms of convenience, when you are online, on their websites: you have contact details and even chat windows that you can use to discuss with members of the customer service departments.

Both online and in the showroom, you will get a contact person – the consultant, with whom you will keep in touch from the beginning until the delivery of the granite products you will order.

Asking your granite suppliers in Denver the right questions is important in order to get exactly what you want.

How do I place an order?

First, it is very important to make sure that, when you send the quantities or dimensions of the granite slab you want, they are correct. You can order both online and in the showroom; moreover, you can send a sketch of your project.

Do you cut pieces to the dimensions I need?

Most granite suppliers will customize the slabs according to your preferences and needs. The most common special requirements are for kitchen or bathroom countertops (they can be cut to fit sinks or particular design requirements), as well as for steps and window sills.

How do I pay for an order? How is the transport and delivery done? What do I do if I receive an incorrect order? What is the return policy?

These are other important questions that each granite supplier will answer in its own way.  Get the answers you need from