Appealing Remodeling Choices: Granite Countertops in Denver

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

An appealing remodeling choice for granite countertops is painting the granite and not investing in new countertops. For those who insist on remodeling the countertops without replacing them, it is very easy to just add a coat of paint by using stone spray paint. Moreover, granite can also be overlaid. However, to update countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, it also makes sense to: change the color, replace the backsplash or simply paint the walls and cabinets and change the light fixtures. You can try a solid color tile for the backsplash and you can also change the patterns and, then, refresh and re-seal the sealant.

In order to repair outdated countertops, it is also worth trying to apply epoxy to fix stone surfaces. Epoxy is an efficient glue that bonds with almost any type of material including granite. If the countertops are no longer fixable, you can just replace them with the most affordable products/materials: ceramic and porcelain tiles. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and they also mimic granite. However, granite is still the best stone for kitchen countertops because it is heat resistant and placing hot pans on it will not cause it to break or become discolored. Moreover, white granite is still very much in style and black granite is becoming increasingly popular. There are also other appealing color options that have increased availability with countertop and cabinet makers Denver located companies offer to make your remodel the very best and affordable too!